Common-Sense Leadership:

These are among the most turbulent times in recent memory.  Even after so many months of living with the COVID-19 pandemic, we still remain far from a return to any sort of “normal,” new or otherwise.  Much of our economy remains closed and many of our friends and neighbors have been either furloughed, laid-off, or must stay home to care for loved ones.  School districts are coping with a reopening fraught with new social distancing and remote-learning mandates that vary from town-to-town, and though well-intentioned, are placing tremendous strain on parents, students and faculty alike.

The legitimate social unrest that began in the streets of Minneapolis in June has not abated.  Rather it has spiraled into violence and lawlessness in cities and towns throughout the country, stoked by politicians whose only interest is fanning the flames to win a campaign.  More and more it feels as though anger and hate are being used as the primary weapons against anger and hate! Instead of an honest conversation with sweeping social progress as the goal, we are fighting battles over whether to tear-down a statute or to defund the men and women who keep us safe.  

While these global and national issues have dominated our lives in 2020, they have also distracted us from the real problems here in Connecticut that the next legislature will have to tackle.  Even prior to the pandemic, Connecticut was bleeding both jobs and population, and our state’s economy was flat.  But now, the combination of crushing long-term debt and the financial fallout from COVID-19 is projected to yield a multi-billion-dollar hole in next year’s state budget.  Once the November election is over, you won’t have to wait very long for the conversation in Hartford to once again turn to higher taxes and highway tolls.

Amidst the turbulence created by this COVID-19 Pandemic, I have remained steadfast in my devotion to our community and my commitment to Common-Sense leadership.  Where I stood yesterday is where I stand today.  I am asking for your support – and your vote – so I can continue this fight on your behalf.



Connecticut’s citizens bear the burden of some of the highest property taxes in the Country.  I say enough is enough!  We must make Connecticut more affordable, which can be accomplished by making state government leaner and more efficient, and by reducing wasteful spending.  I have consistently opposed any attempts to increase existing taxes or levy new ones, and I will continue to advocate for fiscal responsibility because I believe that we should spend no more than we have and borrow no more than we can afford to pay back.  This simple, yet effective, philosophy is a tried-and-true method for obtaining fiscal stability.



I am a hard “No” on tolls!  I spent all of last year — my first year as your State Senator — leading the fight against higher taxes and highway tolls.  Although I believe that we need to overhaul our antiquated transportation infrastructure, I will oppose any efforts to impose additional taxes or fees in the form of highway tolls on the residents of Connecticut.  We must stop diverting money from the Special Transportation Fund and make better use of the resources that we have before asking our citizens to pay even more than they already do.



I am a strong supporter of public education.  I’m a proud product of the New Britain public school system and my daughters are all students in New Britain’s public schools.  As a parent and a legislator, I understand the need to fund our schools fairly.  As your Senator, I will do everything that I can to bring more education funds to New Britain, Berlin and Farmington so that we can upgrade our facilities, invest in technology, and give our children the quality education that they deserve!